Way to wake up at 8:00am

So yesterday morning Aug. 11,2013 I had to wake up early in the morning to go over a friends house for breakfast. So waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up I decided to go downstairs to do some laundry before I left .

My house is probaly about 100 years old so obviously a lot of people have lived here in the past. When I got to my basement door, I instantly felt like somebody was down there. I, of course, decided to ignore it to go do my laundry.

I went down the stairs , went to my washer machine and started to out my clothes in. That feeling of a person watching me got stronger and I started to get a warm sensation in my cheeks.

Mind you I didn’t have many clothes to wash, so I was almost done putting them in the washer, I had the sensation to look over to my left by the stairs . Right there I saw a male shadow figure with a top hat walking into the office .

I felt cold, still and I couldn’t even speak. I dropped everything I had and ran up the stairs. My heart was pounding and beating so fast. I pounded in the bathroom door and opened it. My mom was in there and I said ” I saw a man downstairs.”I was out of breath and she looked frightened. “A man?” I said “A shadow of a man. It went into the office..” I guess she was stunned and I said “Feel my heart .” I pressed her hand against my heart and I was scared.

I left trying to calm myself down ,but of course I almost went into a panic attack. I calmed down and I needed to go finished my clothes. So I said a quick prayer so I would be left alone and safe. I felt nothing as I went down and protected . Obviously I finished my laundry and went back upstairs.

I than said “I need a god damn coffee after what I been through. It’s only 8 O’clock in the morning .”

Obviously , after that I probaly won’t go down their alone again or at least say a prayer before I go down.

You would think after many years of this I would just shrug it off ,but it is really not the case because this is the beginning for me I assume. Now they know u could feel them, or see them as well , I guess they will try to get my attention.

Hopefully this will get easier. Let’s just hope.


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