Never believed: Skeptical

For quite a long time I was a skeptical about ghosts . I was skeptical about God as well after my brother passed away. I always debunked my experiencenes with spirits as they started coming more frequently in my life when I got older.

When I was about around 17 years old, my best friend Theresa had me watch Ghost Hunters for the first time. Again ,skeptical about ghosts I decided to watch it  to see what they called evidence of spirits.

I was quite amused at what they did find because I  couldn’t explain EVP’s . I was amused how you can be asking questions in a simple recorder and get a reply, that you couldn’t hear with your own ears at that time.

As I watched more of Ghost Hunters they have convinced me at that time there was a afterlife .

One show that had fully made me was when they found a image of a man in the thermal imaging camera. Most people think it is fake ,but I was a active firefighter at that time and there is NO explanation for that.

What a thermal imaging camera is , the camera measures heat, meaning fire. So firefighters use this for inside the  buildings for heat sources they cannot see, like electrical fires ect. 


The only heat source is around the shoulder. Otherwise, you can’t explain the other source, a image of a man.

So yes, this picture made me believe because you cannot explain how this man came to be. Ever since than I have come to accept my last experiencenes with the paranormal, which I guess is good. I really don’t know haha


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