Knitting blog up

I finally started my knitting blog! Yay! If anybody wants to learn please go to my knitting blog. I’ll post the link up on my other blogs page.  Anyway, I’ll give you the summary of the blog. Obviously it is about knitting and for beginners. I’ll be showing you all the basics in knitting and we will do patterns together. I’m still working on getting the patterns for the beginners to follow, so there will be a page for that as well.

I’m excited about this blog and I hope I will help other people who want to knit as well. Quite honestly this is my drug I’m addicted too. :p Again I picked up knitting last year because I’m a civil war reenactor. So, obviously they used to knit back than , I figured I would do something that is time period correct . (Plus it would give me something to do) I’ve been only doing this for 10 months , but I thought ,humm I should teach beginners how to knit , just beginners because I’m not to far advanced.

Anyways, so it is up.



2 thoughts on “Knitting blog up

    • Hi! Your welcome as you can tell I’m still working on it ,but I have a few things up. I’m actually writing down what I want for the blog right now. If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me

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