God fucked with us: Our day at Atlantic City

So about a month ago my boyfriend and I decided to go to the beach . Since with live in New Jersey we actually have to leave hours early because we live about two hours away from Atlantic City. It was eight o’ clock in the morning my boyfriend picked me up at my house to get ready to start our day.

“So where do you want to go?” asked Marvin. Now I thought since he told me that week we would be going to the beach he would have picked a place. See I really don’t get out much , so I had no idea where to go.

“Well,  let’s go to Atlantic City. ” he said. Well I was excited because I have never been to Atlantic City, neither has he so it would both be a first time for us.  We could visit the casinos, go on the boardwalk and than go to the beach.  I loved the beach and wanted to go there the most, I’m not really into casinos. 

After yelling at horrible drivers,  me giving them the finger,  also almost getting hit by two  tracker trailers  we had finally made it to Atlantic city. Well that was after three hours of driving considering traffic and dumb ass people.

 I was glad we were there because I was hungry. Yes, I admit , I’m  one of those people that are always , but I’m short so that makes me a Hobbit. Yes, I do have to have second breakfast, but since I missed that I was extra hungry. So anyways, we got there and we saw the Trump building which was fricken huge, we went into Ceaser’s . There was this cool big statue of Ceaser! @.@ 

So finally after walking around the casino for about a half hour my stomach has had it and It was starting to hurt. 

“I’m sorry can we eat something. I’m starving. ” Marvin looked at me and laughed.

“I honestly don’t know how you are so hungry!!! We just ate three hours ago.”  -_- He should know this already!!! haha!

So we ate and than went off into the casino. There was two floors at the casino. One floor was slots and tables. The second floor was slots. Marvin went to go play at some tables and I wanted to play slots . I didn’t win anything which sucked, but the whole time I was there I wanted to go to the beach. Marvin said we would only be there for a hour and I said that is fine because all I wanted to do was go to the beach. 

Men, when you set a time for something , it always means the opposite.  So I knew we probably wouldn’t be there for a hour . We were there for two hours. To you it may not seem like a big deal , but our objective was to go to the beach .  Trust me I loved seeing the casinos , but the beach I wanted to go into!!! 🙂

So after both of us loosing, and not winning any money , besides me winning just .30 cents It was finally time to go to the beach! Oh finally I’ve been waiting for this all day! We walked up onto the board walk and of course there was a shit load of people. I was excited because I could smell the ocean breeze. 

We walked to the entrance of the beach. The beach was right front of my eyes and I could see the waves crashing among the shore.  I could see the children playing in the sand and hearing kids laughing.  I just about walked into the sand when I hear.

 “I wonder if there is a changing room.” I looked at him and said

“You didn’t put your  bathing suite under your clothes?” He nodded no , but I could understand why he didn’t because there are usually changing rooms.  I was sure there was a bathroom somewhere so he could change into his bathing suite. So I almost  as at paradise. :/ So we are both standing there awkwardly  he turn around and says “You want to go to Wild wood?”

I look at him and said “NO!” well I never really fought with him before , but he knew I was so mad. I had every reason to be because this is why we came here.  So he said we would find a changing room. Well the changing room was down the boardwalk and we see a whole bunch of these people waiting outside. Well I said “Go change than we could finally go to the beach.”

Well right in front of the men’s door there was a sign “Cleaning in progress.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? My boyfriend asked the other men how long this would take, well they said 45 minutes. Well , Marvin looks at me and says “What do you want to do?’ 

“I don’t know.” I replied. I was so frustrated at this point I wanted to go home , but my boyfriend felt horrible and he wanted to make this work. Since this day was not going the way both of us had planned we decided to get a room and spend the night.  We would go to the beach the next day.  Well the next day we had breakfast, than drove down to wild wood. It was  around eight o’clock in the morning. We went onto the board walk and again the beach was right in front of us.

This time we finally got to walk onto the beach.  The sand was going between our toes. Than I heard a large sigh  from Marvin.  There was money lying in the sand . He picked it up and looked to see if anyone was looking for it. Well it seemed no one was, so we took it. The money turned out to be $90 bucks.


 I instantly knew this day was going to be good. I guess yesterday God was playing with us and thought huh maybe I should fuck with them both. Now he wanted us to have fun and enjoy the day.  We spent just a few hours there and trust me it is what I wanted all along. It was clam , the weather was so beautiful and it was so peaceful because barley no body was there.




Finally we were going to have a good day. We left the beach before anybody else got there and spent the day on the boardwalk. We were mostly playing in the arcades because both of use loved games. We both went to this old arcade in this place called the boardwalk mall. It had over 25 stores anybody could shop in. We both said damn it lets go into this arcade. We played all these old games which was awesome because you don’t even see these type of games anymore.  

Than we found another $20 bucks just laying on a game. We thought it was the owners so we went over to the owners  and said we found change .  They said it wasn’t theirs and it must have been somebody else’s. We saw this family, three little girls and their father looking around for the money . The one little girl was about to burst into tears. Marvin went over and said “I found your money .” He gave her the $20 worth in change back. Her father gladly thanked Marvin and her smile returned to her face.

Again, I think God intended this weekend to happen.  Even though it didn’t turn out the way we both planned, I think God planned it this way. I guess just to fuck with us, but anyways, we had a good day. We actually both laughed about it later because it was so damn funny.  haha  I think it is hilarious now quite honestly .  

Well moral of this story is don’t forget to put your bathing suite  on under your clothes, otherwise you won’t get to the beach. 



2 thoughts on “God fucked with us: Our day at Atlantic City

  1. Hilarious story. I have those days all the time, usually they are at home with my kids and my husband walks in and I glare at him even though he has done nothing except go to work and make money for us to live on. Poor guy on those days. Your boyfriend sounds lovely (a total bloke too as we would say in Oz) for trying so hard. I agree, the universe has to make all the cards fall into place some days. E x

    • Lol . I laugh about it now , but my boyfriend felt horrible . He just wanted a nice day with me haha he is a amazing man though.
      Men take forever though. anyways , think this was suppose to happen .

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