The engagement that turned into a nightmare


It all started out with my family and my boyfriend’s family ,we were all having a picnic at the firehouse hall that is next door from me.
Everyone was there including my two best friend’s in the world 🙂 Meanwhile when I was eating with my family and friends , Marvin comes up to me and goes down in one knee.
“Will you marry me?” He asked. Well I was blushing and just shocked what he asked me, but I did say yes with a mouth full of food in my mouth. It was potato Salad by the way. We kissed and hugged and everyone was cheering . They were all saying congratulations to both of us .

I look at my ring and I thought it was gorgeous . It looked something like this:


Yes, I know pretty. Again, excited that I got engaged everyone in my family was looking at the ring and they decided to ask my lovely fiancé Marvin how much this beautiful ring costs.

“.50 cents.” he replied. Everyone started laughing including me because I thought he was joking. his mother came up and said “Ha!No really , how much did it costs?”

“I told you guys. .50 cents.” This time he had a serious look on his face and that’s when I knew he wasn’t joking.

“Marvin!!” his mother yelled hit him across the head! “Are you serious ? You spent .50 cents on that ring?!? Obviously it isn’t real!” She kept on hitting him and just walked away. Very upset as expected I left the picnic and went over to my house to figure things out.

“Why did he buy a fake ring?” I thought

My mother came home all enraged at Marvin. “You know I liked him until now. He is a fucking ass hole! Your father isn’t that cheap.”( I can see her saying that hahaha!) Of course I cried and cried and cried. Marvin didn’t say a word to me as he also came over to my mothers house. I looked at him and he looked at me. That’s when I woke up , all upset and angry .I realized it was a dream and I didn’t care I was mad at Marvin for buying a cheap ring hahaha

So I sent him a text and it went like this:



Later last night he told me he was actually going to get a fake ring and propose to me just for kicks because of my dream. I said ” You are asshole, but I love you .” 😀


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