Should I be scared or fascinated?

Picture this. You are sick and singing , but you are recording it . So of course you play back the recording to listen to how horrible you sound . In the middle of a pause you hear a hello. Now what would you do ?
I ,immediately ,of course, replayed it to see what the hell I just heard. First I thought it was a thump , but I put headphones on. I could hear clearly a “hello”. This was a friendly hello.
So I again replayed it a few times and I couldn’t believe as to what I just heard. I guess I was in shock because I knew I didn’t hear that hello when I was signing . If I would of heard something like that obviously I wouldn’t continue signing on. I was the only person in my room and my tv was off , so how can I explain this Voice?
I showed it to my mother and two sisters. The look on their faces were of course shocked and in disbelief . I guess I scared my oldest sister because she really don’t like ghosts.
I also showed it to my boyfriend as well. He said that it was a deffenate Hello.

I’m still a little shocked about the whole thing because again as you read in pervious posts paranormal activity has been happening a lot. I think it is because I’am a phychic empath . Who knows , but I know this spirit is named John. For some reason that is my strong feeling .

So I’ll post the evp later because I have to make a video to it, but  I’m posting pictures of the voice recording.

Now below  The larger waves is of course me singing. I highlighted in purple the EVP recording.20130916-101125.jpg

There is a little bang afterwards , but the first white dot is the EVP



As you can see I stopped singing because that whole pause is basically flat lined.  Than the two dots are sounds, the first white dot is the EVP “Hello” and again there is a little bang afterwards. The hello is faint so when I make the video Ill put it in words for you. Also I’ll make the audio louder.

So this is it for now. I hope maybe some of you know what it is like to catch a EVP or hear something that of course you didn’t hear. Quite scary and interesting to me.



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