Elsa has finally stopped her snow storm…

After a few months of constant snow, I’m so happy to announce I can finally see the green grass in my yard. Finally no more snow showers for now. It was a constant pain in the ass seeing white everywhere. I slipped, I fell down ice hills. Yes, ice hills . I was getting out of my boyfriends car and because of the constant snow we had limited amount of parking.  So he parked across the street by my neighbors yard. Well I got out of the car and slipped on this ice hill, all I saw was my drink go down this hill. My boyfriend didn’t pick me up ,but laughed at me. Well, of course this would happen to me because I’m a clutz. So I told him to shut up ,but he was nice enough to get my drink . Haha
Anyways, everything seemed so small because this snow took over our life’s for basically two months.  Just about every week it seemed to be snowing and then once the snow stopped ,it would start to snow like the next day. It was like Elsa from Frozen fucking took over.  All I wished for was for spring to arrive and finally it has! Right now I’m sitting outside on my porch and the warm sun is beaming on my skin. So nice and warm, some breeze ,but not too much. Just enough to thank god that my favorite season is here. Right now it is about 50 degrees out, some people may think that is cold ,but because of the below freezing conditions , I think 50 is warm .
I remember when it was 45 degrees  out I was wearing my spring jackets.  It is bad we have gotten used to the conditions we had to live through ,but it benefited us because none of those God Damn stink bugs were around. Ever heard of stink bugs? They are nasty, I mean they don’t bite or anything ,but they can create an infestation in your house. They come in for warmth ,but if you try to squish them,this horrible smell comes out of them, which attracts more. Eww!
Anyways such a great day out. Finally green grass, flowers, and nice weather. What a wonderful life.


What’s up with kids having their head half shaved?

I’m trying to comprehend why the hell kids now a days shave half of their head? I know back in the 90’s ,us kids ,had horrible hair cuts. Thing is,I just don’t get the trend though. I think it really looks horrible and stupid. They should just shave the other half of their head quite honestly. What’s the point ? Now their hair won’t grow even and if I ever did that I would be going nuts. I’m OCD when it comes to my hair. I may not style it like other girls , but when it comes to length the hair has to be even on either side.

Is it just me ?
I guess when you grow up , you think some kids these days and their hairstyles.

I had to take leave for five months: being a good sister.

I know I haven’t been on since October , but I’m sorry for the inconvenience. This will explain why I haven’t been on WordPress in a while. My last blog post, my grandmother passed away. I had to take some time to collect myself , it really hit me hard and still does. It has been about almost six months next month. I think it is time to come back to what I started last year. Since then, I gotten a part time job (which was seasonal, eventually the place fucked me over.) Then my other job I had at the time, I occasionally babysit the child , I do miss that job a lot, but right now it is a as needed . Which is still good. Right now I’m unemployed , but I have been so busy with my nephew.  Long story short I help with watching my nephew while my sister goes to work and school. It is mostly everyday , which right now I don’t mind it.


Months back , quite honestly I was really fed up with watching my nephew. I felt like I didn’t have a life, my sister was using me to watch her kid and  she didn’t apperciate me and so forth. I remember telling one of my friends that and my friend said to me” You know, you are being such a great sister for even doing that. ” I never really thought about it that way because of all this anger  and frustration built up . Then that night it sunk in that I’am being a really great sister for helping watch my nephew. My nephew is still a toddler, so it is hard watching a child that young.  I then realized , I shouldn’t be so frustrated and angry because I’m doing this for my sister and helping her. 

Everything is in place and quite honestly before my nephew was born I was really immature, and not grown up. Helping  my sister basically raise my nephew had me realize , raising a child is such a hard job and the reality hit me , if I had a child this is what I had to go through. Basically I;m grown up, I’m a wonderful sister and I will never ever regret what I’m doing to help her out.