I had to take leave for five months: being a good sister.

I know I haven’t been on since October , but I’m sorry for the inconvenience. This will explain why I haven’t been on WordPress in a while. My last blog post, my grandmother passed away. I had to take some time to collect myself , it really hit me hard and still does. It has been about almost six months next month. I think it is time to come back to what I started last year. Since then, I gotten a part time job (which was seasonal, eventually the place fucked me over.) Then my other job I had at the time, I occasionally babysit the child , I do miss that job a lot, but right now it is a as needed . Which is still good. Right now I’m unemployed , but I have been so busy with my nephew.  Long story short I help with watching my nephew while my sister goes to work and school. It is mostly everyday , which right now I don’t mind it.


Months back , quite honestly I was really fed up with watching my nephew. I felt like I didn’t have a life, my sister was using me to watch her kid and  she didn’t apperciate me and so forth. I remember telling one of my friends that and my friend said to me” You know, you are being such a great sister for even doing that. ” I never really thought about it that way because of all this anger  and frustration built up . Then that night it sunk in that I’am being a really great sister for helping watch my nephew. My nephew is still a toddler, so it is hard watching a child that young.  I then realized , I shouldn’t be so frustrated and angry because I’m doing this for my sister and helping her. 

Everything is in place and quite honestly before my nephew was born I was really immature, and not grown up. Helping  my sister basically raise my nephew had me realize , raising a child is such a hard job and the reality hit me , if I had a child this is what I had to go through. Basically I;m grown up, I’m a wonderful sister and I will never ever regret what I’m doing to help her out.




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