Poetry Opended up my Creativity

When I was going to college, I dreaded taking my poetry course that was required. I decided to take poetry to get it over with. I remember my first poem, It had butterflies, bees, and flowers. I was more of a story writer myself, but I knew my poem wasn’t fantastic. It was so horrible. I was so scared to show my professor my poem. The first thing I said was ” I don’t write poetry, so this poem is not going to be good.” My professor just looked at me and said “I’m sure it will be fine.” Obviously he knew I wasn’t a poet, just a story writer. He turned to me one day, he said “I know you can do this. Not all poems are about butterflies, rainbows, and flowers. I believe you have such a great talent and I know you can come up with better poems than this. You are a amazing , I know that poet in you is somewhere.”  After that he told me to write a poem about a slaughter house and he loved what I did in that poem. He loved that I basically had such darkness in the poem. After that , I written poems , with no problem. Most of them were dark, others, weren’t as good. I just couldn’t believe poetry brought out a lot of my creativity that was hiding inside me all this time. So much creativity, so much imagination.

I’m proud of myself that now I can call myself a poet.


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