Facebook … it takes over real communication

So recently I saw this one blog about how this women banned herself from Facebook for a day. I’ll put the blog post at the bottom for anyone to see. I read this person’s post and of course I had to post a comment on it since I really hate Facebook. I just hate it so  very much. When I first joined in 2007, I had fun connecting to friends, finding out what they are doing and so forth. Well,  eventually years later this site got boring. It was all people’s bitching and complaining , same old thing every day. Check Facebook, than check Facebook again, same shit ,same annoying updates. I mean, Facebook does have its good points,you can connect to people that you haven’t heard from in years, you can see what others are doing . BUT , yes a BUT:

Do people now a days depend on Facebook to talk to their friends or family members?


Last year I finally got a phone after a year and a half without one.  So , I posted on Facebook to message me with their numbers and I would give them my number. So people message me and so forth given me their numbers and I got my contacts in order. Well long story short none of my friends text, or called me within that time period of me having that phone. Guess what they did? Messaged me on Facebook or posted on my wall. At that time I was thinking, Maybe I just have very shitty friends . Then I noticed that they would message me to talk to me. I thought well they have my number why the hell don’t they just call to talk to me? None of them did , so when I got my other phone I just put down people that actually call me and text me.

Now a days people communicate through Facebook way too much. It isn’t hard to call someone to see how they are doing. You cannot rely on Facebook to find out what others are doing. I deleted Facebook twice last year and I went back to it because none of my friends the first time email, text or called me. NONE. I have Facebook now,but that’s only because that is the only way I could now talk to people. I mean for Chris sake, I find out people are engaged through Facebook,or pregnant. I vowed to myself if I ever got pregnant or engaged I won’t put it on Facebook. I don’t want people congratulating through a social networking site. Call me , use the call button, that is what is is for.

Anyone else feel that same way as me??  Here’s the blog I was talking about.

Banned From Facebook For A Day


4 thoughts on “Facebook … it takes over real communication

  1. I gave up Facebook for lent and I am NOT going back! I get so much done and I realized how little I actually use it! I will still probably use it like once a week to keep up with friends in Guam and such, but no more than that! Good riddance!

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  3. I have a love/hate relationship with facebook. I joined as a way to keep up with my girls in 2010 and I never posted anything. Then started posting more when my high school reunion was coming up as a way to keep up with what was going on. Then I posted more. As time went on, I posted even more. Sometimes I would get disgusted with it and 2 or 3 times I have deleted my account. I had, at best, 100 friends. Then my daughter took her life and I posted it on facebook because it was the only way I could get this info to some of her friends that I didn’t know or have a phone # for. Then I found that people were giving me all kinds of support through my fb and I continued to post. My friend list went from 100 to over 700 since she died, from people wanting to give condolences. other people that have lost children to suicide, and people that have lost children by any means. (and probably many that were just nosy). But had it not been for facebook I would have not gotten the support I have gotten and friendship there, though it can be helpful, is not the same as having a friend in the flesh before you or on the phone. I just don’t have that many.

    But still….some days I hate it and find myself posting too much and sometimes people say things that hurt my feelings. But I do know one thing, though people think that it increases communication with people, what it really does is lessen it and lessens our ability to have personal relationships and can ultimately make us eveln more lonely. But it’s hard to tell people this. Most people don’t get it.

    Great post.

    • I completely agree with your comment. I seriously talk to maybe ten people on the phone at the most. I did log into my Facebook a few days ago to see what I missed amount my “friends” . Same shit, different day, and I was on there for maybe half hour and got sick of it. I does lessen communication ,but I , at least, know who my real friends are because they are the ones who keep in touch.

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