They call me the Hobbit



The only thing I found wrong with this picture is there is no between I’am ….



My nickname is the Hobbit, and seriously this Meme fits me so well. LilHobbit ,I got through one of my best friends when I was a freshman in High school. It has stuck ever since. My email was LilHobbit, My usernames were LilHobbit, now my MineCraft name Is HungryLilHobbit… No denying it. I’m a hobbit !

I eat all the time, and I’m short as Hell, 4’10”. My boyfriends parents don’t call me by my name ,they call me the Hobbit . You would think I would get mad if they called me that , but quite honestly I’m a very proud Nerd. I’m proud I get called that because quite honestly. How is a Hobbit not cool?? They eat all day, like myself, they can be small and chubby, like myself and they are party like it’s the 2000’s again…. like myself πŸ™‚ My boyfriend thinks I;am the most cutest thing and he asks  “Why the hell are you always Hungry?” Trust me it isn’t that green leaf that Gandalf and Bilbo smoked before Bilbo’s 113 birthday party.

I just always been the type of person to just eat and eat and eat . I never gained a pound , but because now I’m older ,my metabolism is kind of crappy , but I’m slowly loosing weight . I don’t want to loose to much and be a skinny minnie like I used to be. I remember one day when I was in middle school I was really hungry that day . Even though that is nothing new, but that particular day it was seriously munchies, without smoking the pot!! So my mother was making one of my favorite meals at that time. It was grilled cheese with Tomato, and Tomato soup. So I had one sandwich , than another and another, by the time I was almost done I had seven grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, including five bowls of tomato soup. I’m not joking about this story and I would have another one , but my twin sisters home help aide said I would have a heart attack if I didn’t stop eating it. haha So of course I stopped, but I was still hungry afterwards…….




My best friend, Theresa, verifying my Hobbitism, This is the first day she ever stayed over my house back in middle school.

“The very first time I was ever over your house. It was spaghetti for dinner. Now, I’m a big person and I can eat, but you…are a bottomless pit. I had one, ONE bowl of spaghetti. I’m sitting there eating and talking to you and you get up, and go get another bowl before I’m halfway done with my one bowl. Then, you go get another bowl before I’m done.”



I seriously could eat that all day long, see my love for it above??? That’s the love of my life besides my boyfriend. I always loved food and my boyfriend knows it and he thinks it is hilarious.


I’m a hobbit and proud of it! If I could walk in a cape , with bare feet , I would , but thing is I hate feet . I love Food and partying and food.


I’m Hungry Now, so comment below. Ask me questions, tell me how you feel, vent, Tell me a random story….


Just leave a God Damn Comment… please πŸ™‚





2 thoughts on “They call me the Hobbit

  1. So glad you ran into my blog post! This post is great! I’m pretty sure at least once a week I ask my boyfriend for second breakfast or afternoon tea, unfortunately there never seems to be enough food in the fridge since we seem to eat more often than we restock lol.

    • Thanks for the comment!! Iam so glad you liked this post. πŸ™‚ I know that feeling with not enough food. My boyfriend says if we move in together , he is going to have a separate fridge just for himself because I eat way to much.

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