Worrying constantly :Mild Cerebral Palsy

Three days ago marked the one year of making this blog, Aug 5,2013,I have 61 followers . I know 61 isn’t a lot of followers , but to me that makes me happy to know other bloggers and writers are liking my work.Thank you for your support and many likes on my blog. It means a lot to me. ❤




As I’am getting older I’am starting to realize my disability is becoming worse.  I can’t remember if I told you guys I do have a disability. I might have said I had a learning disability, but I do have a physical disability as well. I have Mild Cerebral Palsy. If you don’t know what that is I’ll give you a link below.

Cerebral Palsy

Mild Cerebral Palsy

Now later in my life I realize my hands are more curved in and not straight like “normal” people, even my feet are curved out. It doesn’t prevent me from walking normally , but sometimes I do catch myself walking on my toes and my parents, mostly my dad, seems to yell at me to get off of my toes. I kind of smile at him because it reminds me when I was a little girl I would get told constantly not to walk on my toes.

I haven’t had physical therapy since I was 12 years old , but I realized my leg pain is sometimes unbearable. I do have a solution for others with the same cerebral palsy as me. Use TIGER BALM. Tiger balm is like Icey Hot, but it is in a small container. I usually put the tiger balm where my hamstrings are because that is were most of the the tightness in my legs are. For others, who are reading and don’t have this condition, I will explain how bad my leg pain can get. For those who have Cerebral Palsy you can understand my pain.

Well I would say it is like a rubber band stretching out and in constantly, but slowly.  It is this dull annoying  pain, that keeps me up at night and I loose sleep over it. I would describe that the cold winter and rain are my worst enemy. This is the reason why I do hate winter. My sister calls me the weather detector. My legs can tell when it is going to rain, or snow hours before or minutes before. I start to get pain in my knee and then it goes down behind the hamstrings.

I’ve been realizing a lot of knee pain lately and I never had that pain before in my knees. I’ve been trying to look up if anyone had the same symptoms I had and most of them had pain in their knees,  I’m starting to think my cerebral palsy will become worse when I get older. I brought my considers to my loving boyfriend Marvin and I was about to cry when i told him my worries.

He held my hand and said “Stretch , keep active , and don’t worry about your condition. If you need more information go to a doctor and see what they will tell you. ”  He hugged and kissed me to help me not worry. He is a wonderful support and he actually saw through  my disability . He doesn’t see me as a person with a disability. He see’s me as a wonderful , loving women, who cares about family, and friends.  I think there should be more people like him. Most people, including employers , interviewers, or just strangers, cannot see past my disability. I realize not to even tell coworkers, or people who hire because they will think I’am not capable of what I can do. 

I think I can do anything, I was a firefighter for SEVEN years and I’am only 4’10”. I think that is saying something, that I could do anything that everyone else does, I just need extra help with some things. Yes, I’m very short, my boyfriend calls me Hobbit.

I think if Frodo can bring the ring to Mordor, I think I can accomplish anything despite my height and my disability. 


One thought on “Worrying constantly :Mild Cerebral Palsy

  1. No matter what you can’t just give up. Hobbits, if I recall correctly, are actually smaller than you are so if someone that tiny can do that…you can do anything. Just keep stretching, relax, try not to get too anxious, and keep exercising.

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