The Man who made the world Ring with laughter:Robin William’s

So I normally don’t do any blog post about celebrities,but Robin William’s was a man that I grew up with and he will always be part of my life.


This man gave me many laughs when I was a child. Not only did he give me laughs ,he gave me inspiration to become what I’m today, a poet.  For us 90’s kids he was part of our childhood. Between Mrs.DoubtFire , Jumanji, Aladdin, Hook, and  Flubber, we all know who Mr. William’s was.


He  was the Gene in Aladdin who taught us to we would “Never have a friend like him.” It would mostly mean we would never have a special person like him.


The man who made robots in Flubber and taught us even Goo could become our friend. I used to make flubber in summer camp and I always made it green  because I loved to watch flubber.



We went on a adventure to Neverland to battle Captain Hook and his mates.He taught us to use our imagination and we all learned we will eventually have to grow up, but deep down inside there will still be a child in all of us.


We learned even a father will go all sorts of crazy and lengths to spend time with his children, even if he has to dress as a women. In the process of learning to become a women,  his boobs caught on fire. That was always my favorite scene.mrsdoubtfire   Robin made us go on a adventure with a board game Jumanji. I was so scared to play a board game after I watched this movie. Fortunately, I watched this a thousand times when I was a child and my little brother’s first word was “Jumanji”.

tumblr_na616mqwZl1r3q6oqo6_500   WHAT YEAR IS IT?!



Last  , but not least he inspired me in the Dead Poets Society. I was only in 7th grade watching this in theater arts class, and this movie moved me towards writing.  He reminds me of my poetry professor that I had in college , but most importantly this movie inspired me to write poetry.




He taught us in The Dead Poets Society “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”


Most importantly Robin taught us laughter. Laughter to make everything better. His personality and comfort to other’s was something to special to people. Not only this man gave us laughter , but he inspired many other people around the world.  Robin was special to all of us and Robin will always live on .


Mr. Robin William’s,

I would like to thank you for the laughs  when I was down. You helped me get back up in a time in my life when I felt nothing really mattered. You inspired me to become a better person and to always keep laughing.Thank you Robin, you will always have a place in everyone’s heart.  You will keep us laughing and now you will make the Angles laugh in the skies. The stars will shine a little brighter , knowing there is a amazing man , still making other’s laugh.  Rest In peace.



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