I hear angel’s singing Hallelujah :Finally I’m employed

So as you can tell these past couple of months I have been stressing out about getting a job. Literally worrying every night, when will my day come? I’m going to be unemployed forever, I’ll never find anything. I would think this every night I would go to bed and even when I attempted to fill out an application my anxiety would kick in. I would say out of 100 my anxiety about finding a job was 80. I didn’t have any panic attacks , but at some points I had to finish my application later because it was to much for me at times. Then again , I kind of thank my anxiety in a way because if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have pushed so hard to even find a job. I also had support from my sister , my boyfriend and three of my friends. I thank them for keeping my spirits high  when I really thought I was going to give up. It has been a roller coaster and I think everything that I have went through has led up to this job. It is something I really did want and I’m not stuck working at a retail store.

I’m working at a child care center and ever since my nephew was born I realized how special children are. They are amazing and I love seeing them learn new things everyday. So finally the war I’ve been through is over and I can now have some peace. Seriously people are not kidding when they say job hunting is a job within itself.  


To anyone who is about to give up  on job hunting, please don’t and keep reapplying, calling, going to interviews, eventually something will turn up and keep your self esteem up, if you have a negative attitude you wont get anywhere.


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