I screamed like a little girl

September 2nd,2013 I went to go see this band who was popular in the 90’s. Hanson , yes Hanson . I did not purchased these tickets , but I simply went because my twin sister, Carrie,  is obsessed with them at the moment. My twin has counted down the days until the concert and I had to endure the constant playing of Hanson YouTube videos and songs. I honestly was thinking about just bringing my iPod lol
My boyfriend and I had to be there because we needed to take care of my twin since she is in a wheelchair . So the day came and my god was my twin excited ! I was glad she was excited because She doesn’t really get out that much , so this was her day to enjoy.

So we get there and this place is a small event center  , obviously there was a line , so we went all the way to the end of the line. Marvin went to the bathroom and there was this chick that had blonde hair, just started talking to me. I mean I don’t mind people talking tome at all, it is just when I’m standing there minding my own business just waiting for this to be over with I don’t want to hear “So, how long have you been a Hanson fan?”

Well I didn’t want to burst her bubble since I really wasn’t into Hanson so I just replied “Since I was nine.” with a smile on my face and was looking at the tv screen.

“OMG, well my boyfriend is the best. This is my birthday present and I’m so excited. I love Hanson so much and I’ve been a fan since I was  little girl…” I just kind of stood there watching her mouth move  fifty billion miles a hour. I thought “Damn women, you need be quite.” She just kept going and going. I couldn’t get a word in and than Marvin saved my life. He let me go to the bathroom , so YES! I totally took that opportunity.

I came back and there is this women still talking now to my boyfriend, but also her boyfriend was talking to mine as well. I than realized she had a very familiar plastic cup that said bud light on the side. Well that explains everything! Carrie, Marvin and I were talking to them and than she went to go outside for a cigarette break.

Than the gate doors opened and we went inside. We obviously got the handicapped seats .


that was from the Handicapped seats.


My twin and I.

Anyways, we got up close to the stage because Carrie wanted us to.  This honestly was considered to be small for a concert. The whole floor wasn’t packed so we took the chance of going. Plus, we got to see them much better. When we first saw Hanson in concert we were both nine years old.  Our seats were the blood nose seats, so all they looked like were little ants to us. So when we got that close up to the stage, honestly it was a treat for both of us. By the way these Pictures were taking my me.


Taylor Hanson



Issac Hanson


Paul Mcdonald and I From American Idol


My twin and I after the show got to meet the opening Act who was Paul McDonald from American idol. I didn’t know who he was till that night, but he had really nice songs. I actually just got done using the bathroom and I saw him just standing near the entrance way of the concert hall. So I went up to him and asked if I could take a picture with him. He of course said yes, . I told him he did a excellent job and I liked the music he played. He said “Thank you.” and smiled at me.

So I ran to my twin and Marvin and I showed them the picture. We than found him near his booth were they sold his stuff. He instantly went to my twin Carrie. He was so nice to her and so sweet. Carrie told him that she watched american idol. She was so happy. Than he both gave Carrie and I a singed cd for free.He gave both of us a hug and I said thank you that was very kind of you .


Carrie , Paul Mcdonald, and I . Seriously he is so nice!

Other than that, we did meet somebody who was on American Idol, which was cool. Also it was so excellent that we saw Hanson that close. I of course sang, in my head , the songs and I knew most of the songs they sang. I was surprised how well they have turned out and they were amazing. I would honestly see them again . Most of all, Carrie had such a amazing time and I’m glad she has such a great night.  It is nice to do something for my sister and honestly was a nice treat for myself.

It brought back a lot of memories which I do cherish. 🙂