Facebook is Gone for now



I meant to post this three months ago. Life got in the way so please enjoy. ūüôā
As my life goes on and on, I realized a very long time ago Facebook is just a distraction. Mainly, everyday I would check every morning to see what my “friends” are up too. Same shit different day and as I scroll down to see more useless stuff , I thought to myself “Why do I even bother?” and put down my iPod. I continue all with my day taking care of my nephew and I then realized I check Facebook many times during the day . Why keep checking it if I hate what everyone post? Not necessarily hate, but see the same thing every day. It seem’s to get boring after a while and it seems people use Facebook as communication. I wrote a blog about that here¬†. So, I decided to delete my Facebook three months ago for a while to focus more on my writing. I posted this status when I deleted my Facebook. /p>




I see my friends point , but of course I have to disagree. If you read my other blog post you would understand. Yes, it is good to keep in touch with people , but to a point. When people rely on Facebook to communicate, interact with friends, instead of maybe picking up the phone and calling them that is where the problem lies. Also , mainly it is a distraction. So deleting it or being off of Facebook for a few months should help me keep focused on my book, my writing. Lately this summer I’ve been busy do unfortunately I haven’t been writing, mainly getting ideas as the summer goes on.
I remember last year I deleted Facebook and between the three months I’ve wasn’t on, I missed a lot between my friends. Well, maybe this will be for the best. I’m just glad it will be out of my life for now and my true friends do keep in contact with me. Can anyone agree?


Facebook … it takes over real communication

So recently I saw this one blog about how this women banned herself from Facebook for a day. I’ll put the blog post at the bottom for anyone to see. I read this person’s post and of course I had to post a comment on it since I really hate Facebook. I just hate it so ¬†very much. When I first joined in 2007, I had fun connecting to friends, finding out what they are doing and so forth. Well, ¬†eventually years later this site got boring. It was all people’s bitching and complaining , same old thing every day. Check Facebook, than check Facebook again, same shit ,same annoying updates. I mean, Facebook does have its good points,you can connect to people that you haven’t heard from in years, you can see what others are doing . BUT , yes a BUT:

Do people now a days depend on Facebook to talk to their friends or family members?


Last year I finally got a phone after a year and a half without one. ¬†So , I posted on Facebook to message me with their numbers and I would give them my number. So people message me and so forth given me their numbers and I got my contacts in order. Well long story short none of my friends¬†text, or called me within that time period of me having that phone. Guess what they did? Messaged me on Facebook or posted on my wall. At that time I was thinking, Maybe I just have very shitty friends . Then I noticed that they would message me to talk to me. I thought well they have my number why the hell don’t they just call to talk to me? None of them did , so when I got my other phone I just put down people that actually call me and text me.

Now a days people communicate through Facebook way too much. It isn’t hard to call someone to see how they are doing. You cannot rely on Facebook to find out what others are doing. I deleted Facebook twice last year and I went back to it because none of my friends the first time email, text or called me. NONE. I have Facebook now,but that’s only because that is the only way I could now talk to people. I mean for Chris sake, I find out people are engaged through Facebook,or pregnant. I vowed to myself if I ever got pregnant or engaged I won’t put it on Facebook. I don’t want people congratulating through a social networking site. Call me , use the call button, that is what is is for.

Anyone else feel that same way as me?? ¬†Here’s the blog I was talking about.

Banned From Facebook For A Day

Just stop the Selfies : Facebook, Instagram

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I deleted my Facebook about two months ago, Honestly it is the best thing that have ever happened in my life. ha, not really. Well I got sick of the same old shit, I would be scrolling down and I would see, “Like this or else God will vanish you to hell” ( bitch God don’t have a Facebook.) or “My life is horrible, ” Well that sucks, sorry that you’re life is horrible that you have to let everybody know or the wonderful “Selfies”. Now i don’t know what is worse a complaining bitch or the selfies.

Honestly as I think about it , the selfies you want to know why? I’ll tell you a story .Once upon a time on Facebook their was this very attractive women that I was friends with. Again very pretty, nice personality ¬†and a good person to be around. Well ¬†I remember liking a picture and I decided to look through some of her albums. She had albums of her summer, her family, her trips she went on ¬†and than there was that one album the “ME” . Curious, I clicked it.

Well I shouldn’t have because I should have known the album was all about her. Just more than 200 Photos of herself. Not only it was 200 photos of herself they also had song lyrics, and the same exact picture!! I looked through them and thought “Why?”

Apparently from what it seemed I guess she knew she was pretty attractive. I just didn’t understand why the hell she had to have a full album of just herself. It kind of turned me off from communicating with her for some reason. Maybe to full of herself?? Again, great person , but the selfies ruined everything. ¬†I guess maybe she needs self worth because she don’t get it at home. Who knows?

Oh wait here’s another one Instagram.

Now I don’t mind posting selfies once in a while , but when it is like every damn day than I might just ignore the post. Again, there is this one women I’m following and she posts selfies everyday. She is very very pretty and nice, but again the selfies. WHY?!? What bothers me the most is she is a mother. Yes a mother and yet she posts selfies all day long and everyday. Don’t you take care of your children?!

“I’m going to the gym,” *click*

” I’m eating this nice lunch.” *click*

“I’m taking a huge shit” *click*

“I’m vomiting my brains out” *click*

what happens if there is a serial killer chasing after them?

“OMG I”M BEING CHASED BY A SERIAL KILLER!!” *click* Have the serial killer do a pose of killing position hahahaha.

I don’t know if it is boredom or what. These type of ¬†people like this drive me crazy. i hope I’m not the only one that thinks this ,but please enlighten me if you feel this way too. You can be so kind to add on if you like . Comment below.