I’m ready for the next step in life : Marriage

This was originally wrote last November. (2014). Little did I know within three weeks of time. He would have popped the question.

Even though my boyfriend hasn’t popped the question yet, I know I’m ready for the next step in life. I know that right now there is no doubts in my mind about it. It isn’t because everyone is getting married,having children and moving away. It is because I found the one I do want to be with for the rest of my life.  Marvin is the man I want to marry and it is like I see my whole future with him. Our house, Our children, Our life, just sitting there right in front of me and I want to take a hold of that. I want to live that life.

I know marriage won’t be all happy with rainbows and butterflies ,but that is what marriage is about. We learn and live together ,despite what goes wrong, everything will work out in the end because we both know we love each other. We’ve been talking about getting married and it isn’t  the “if” we get married, it is “when” we get married.

On 12/ 13/ 2014 . My boyfriend decided to make this special day like every other day we hung out. It was around Christmas time and we needed to get my nephew something . so we made a trip to Toys R Us and got him a toy. That day I was not feeling well , I called out the day before . I didn’t have any clue what he was going to do at day. space he decided to go back to his house and buy his house was a river. we parked near the river and he asked me ” where what do you like to get married? I responded where you would be would be fine but most importantly quite honestly I really don’t want to be inside it makes. It makes me feel claustrophobic. he responded ok that seems fine to me. This point in time I noticed that he started talking a lot about the marriage and proposals earlier that day he asked me how can I picture him proposing to me. I said “I would like it just me and him, not a big thing like you see on youtube”. In the back of my mind I noticed he just mentioned marriage a lot, but I didn’t he would ask me that day. He said “Let’s go to Point Mountain.”
After we got there we parked in the parking lot. Got out started walking , but realized it’s too slippery to go up to mountain , so we stayed in the parking and looked around. We were surrounded by nature so what else can we do?

We started talking about our first date when we got pulled over by the cop in this parking lot. We laughed about it and still do to this day after that he told me to turn around and to think about a word that describes the last three years I was with him. He was rubbing my shoulders and I start to get nervous because I think I knew he was going to ask me. I couldn’t think of anything ,but the only word I could think of at that time is cowabung a. Seriously, ninja turtles.
He laughed at me and then proceeded to ask again and I said I really can’t think of anything right now and then I feel like an idiot because should have thought of a word.
So I thought the word Geronimo. I just felt like that’s what it was like when we first made eye contact an instant connection and that’s why I said Geronimo . also, it’s not because of Doctor Who either.
So he turned me around he said Caitlyn 3 years have been so amazing like it by how many and it can be in one word I can use fantastic amazing journey of my life. Hello Caitlin Marie you marry me and he got down on one knee. Of course I said yes. We both cried and I was so excited.
Everytime I think back of this moment I think of only the date 12-13-14, I think of the words he said to me before he asked me . Honestly have no doubt in Marrying him . I instantly knew he was going to be my husband some say.

Now here’s some pictures



This is my favorite picture. My recent picture of us.

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