My life right now

It has been going good and very busy at the moment. Sorry I haven’t been on for a while , my nephew has been keeping me busy and I feel like I’m running around with my head cut off. :/ So recently my sister is doing so great in nursing school and I’m so proud she got int o honors! She is doing so great and I love her so very much ! She is excellent and is a inspiration to other signal mothers out there. As I said i have been working with my nephew . He is such a amazing child  and so smart for his age. I love seeing how much he learns every day, I love seeing how much he plays and laughs each day. 

We usually have movie nights once a week, when I know my sister will be home late . So we were watching a movie and he put his arm around me and held my head close to his chest. He says “I love you aunt Caity.” I smiled and said I loved him too. He is only three years old and has such a warm heart (just like his mother) I can’t believe a little child has melted my heart . Before my nephew was born I NEVER wanted to have any children. I was against it and than he came along. He changed my perspective on children and how much of a joy it would be to have children in the future.

Not many people get that change in their life , but I did, He changed my life and made me realize it is worth having a family.

Thing is I finally found the one guy which I know whom I’m bound to be with for the rest of my life

My boyfriend Marvin we have been together for 2 1/2 years and quite honestly I have never felt this way in my life . He is the most amazing man I have ever dated. He is charming and I remember when I first saw him I was instantly attracted to him. that have never happened to me before in my life. It was like “love at first sight” Well no. If any of you seen the movie Hotel Transylvania ? It is like we Zinged instantly. 

I love this man so much and two days ago he just spilled his heart out to me and I started to cry. Good tears though. I only cried happliy once and that was because my brother was going into rehab. That was 13 years ago and I told him that. My boyfriend said he was sorry for making me cry , but I said “No don’t be I’m just really happy. I feel the same way about you.” I just feel like the most happiest women on the planet right now and it is like I could just shout out to the world that I found the love of my life.


I love him.

Just everything is great right now and I’m rolling on my poetry ebook. It is going , and I’m still being inspired and writing more. It is coming along well, but I will let you know when it will be out and ready to be published. 


I had to take leave for five months: being a good sister.

I know I haven’t been on since October , but I’m sorry for the inconvenience. This will explain why I haven’t been on WordPress in a while. My last blog post, my grandmother passed away. I had to take some time to collect myself , it really hit me hard and still does. It has been about almost six months next month. I think it is time to come back to what I started last year. Since then, I gotten a part time job (which was seasonal, eventually the place fucked me over.) Then my other job I had at the time, I occasionally babysit the child , I do miss that job a lot, but right now it is a as needed . Which is still good. Right now I’m unemployed , but I have been so busy with my nephew.  Long story short I help with watching my nephew while my sister goes to work and school. It is mostly everyday , which right now I don’t mind it.


Months back , quite honestly I was really fed up with watching my nephew. I felt like I didn’t have a life, my sister was using me to watch her kid and  she didn’t apperciate me and so forth. I remember telling one of my friends that and my friend said to me” You know, you are being such a great sister for even doing that. ” I never really thought about it that way because of all this anger  and frustration built up . Then that night it sunk in that I’am being a really great sister for helping watch my nephew. My nephew is still a toddler, so it is hard watching a child that young.  I then realized , I shouldn’t be so frustrated and angry because I’m doing this for my sister and helping her. 

Everything is in place and quite honestly before my nephew was born I was really immature, and not grown up. Helping  my sister basically raise my nephew had me realize , raising a child is such a hard job and the reality hit me , if I had a child this is what I had to go through. Basically I;m grown up, I’m a wonderful sister and I will never ever regret what I’m doing to help her out.