The Man who made the world Ring with laughter:Robin William’s

So I normally don’t do any blog post about celebrities,but Robin William’s was a man that I grew up with and he will always be part of my life.


This man gave me many laughs when I was a child. Not only did he give me laughs ,he gave me inspiration to become what I’m today, a poet.  For us 90’s kids he was part of our childhood. Between Mrs.DoubtFire , Jumanji, Aladdin, Hook, and  Flubber, we all know who Mr. William’s was.


He  was the Gene in Aladdin who taught us to we would “Never have a friend like him.” It would mostly mean we would never have a special person like him.


The man who made robots in Flubber and taught us even Goo could become our friend. I used to make flubber in summer camp and I always made it green  because I loved to watch flubber.



We went on a adventure to Neverland to battle Captain Hook and his mates.He taught us to use our imagination and we all learned we will eventually have to grow up, but deep down inside there will still be a child in all of us.


We learned even a father will go all sorts of crazy and lengths to spend time with his children, even if he has to dress as a women. In the process of learning to become a women,  his boobs caught on fire. That was always my favorite scene.mrsdoubtfire   Robin made us go on a adventure with a board game Jumanji. I was so scared to play a board game after I watched this movie. Fortunately, I watched this a thousand times when I was a child and my little brother’s first word was “Jumanji”.

tumblr_na616mqwZl1r3q6oqo6_500   WHAT YEAR IS IT?!



Last  , but not least he inspired me in the Dead Poets Society. I was only in 7th grade watching this in theater arts class, and this movie moved me towards writing.  He reminds me of my poetry professor that I had in college , but most importantly this movie inspired me to write poetry.




He taught us in The Dead Poets Society “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”


Most importantly Robin taught us laughter. Laughter to make everything better. His personality and comfort to other’s was something to special to people. Not only this man gave us laughter , but he inspired many other people around the world.  Robin was special to all of us and Robin will always live on .


Mr. Robin William’s,

I would like to thank you for the laughs  when I was down. You helped me get back up in a time in my life when I felt nothing really mattered. You inspired me to become a better person and to always keep laughing.Thank you Robin, you will always have a place in everyone’s heart.  You will keep us laughing and now you will make the Angles laugh in the skies. The stars will shine a little brighter , knowing there is a amazing man , still making other’s laugh.  Rest In peace.



Facebook is Gone for now



I meant to post this three months ago. Life got in the way so please enjoy. 🙂
As my life goes on and on, I realized a very long time ago Facebook is just a distraction. Mainly, everyday I would check every morning to see what my “friends” are up too. Same shit different day and as I scroll down to see more useless stuff , I thought to myself “Why do I even bother?” and put down my iPod. I continue all with my day taking care of my nephew and I then realized I check Facebook many times during the day . Why keep checking it if I hate what everyone post? Not necessarily hate, but see the same thing every day. It seem’s to get boring after a while and it seems people use Facebook as communication. I wrote a blog about that here . So, I decided to delete my Facebook three months ago for a while to focus more on my writing. I posted this status when I deleted my Facebook. /p>




I see my friends point , but of course I have to disagree. If you read my other blog post you would understand. Yes, it is good to keep in touch with people , but to a point. When people rely on Facebook to communicate, interact with friends, instead of maybe picking up the phone and calling them that is where the problem lies. Also , mainly it is a distraction. So deleting it or being off of Facebook for a few months should help me keep focused on my book, my writing. Lately this summer I’ve been busy do unfortunately I haven’t been writing, mainly getting ideas as the summer goes on.
I remember last year I deleted Facebook and between the three months I’ve wasn’t on, I missed a lot between my friends. Well, maybe this will be for the best. I’m just glad it will be out of my life for now and my true friends do keep in contact with me. Can anyone agree?

So I decided I’m going with a Pen name

It isn’t just because I hate my name. I honestly don’t want my name out there, like it is on Facebook.  I rather have a Pen name to keep my privacy, I mean sure, I’ll share my book with my family members and friends on Facebook, but I want my privacy. My boyfriend said “Well why the pen name? Your name should be out there.” I just feel if I have a Pen name my identity will be safe. I mean I still have a lot of work to do with the book, picking out which poems I want,  writing new poems,figuring out the theme of my poems. I think if I work hard on promoting it, through social media, ads, other websites, and message boards, I think I will build a good audience. I got a quarter of the way done with my promotions . 

I already got some people editing , critiquing my poems and I already got the cover done for the book. Yes, the publishing is through amazon  basically self publishing, but it doesn’t mean I’m not a writer. I’am , but I decided to self publish my stuff instead. I like seeing how the book comes to be, I like making my own covers, I like advertising my own stuff, I think it is the most amazing thing to put a book together by yourself . It shows at least commitment, and a hard work effort, even if it is a eBook, don’t you think the other writers didn’t work as hard to write a book?

Sorry for the rant, I usually do that!! haha Anyways, so what is my pen name going to be ? Well I decided what it is already, but I’m not ready to realize it on this blog. It won’t be for a while. I hope most of you will understand . I wish you all a good day!

My family wants to change MY career, MY dreams


So stressful. I’m so sick of other’s being “concerned” about what I do with my life. I’m 25 years old , I got a college degree in creative writing and I stay at home watching my nephew. Now, because I’m unemployed at the moment, my family thinks all I do is sit on my ass all day. Well, I watch a 3 year old toddler all day because as I explained in my last post my sister goes to school and works. So, apparently that is sitting on my ass. If any of you are a stay at home mom , then you know the feeling of not getting a break until the kid falls asleep.  I’m not a mom , but an aunt trying to help her sister out as she finishes school. Sounds very generous of me right? Well my family don’t think it is a very generous thing to do because again, they think I haven’t done anything in apparently two years.


I had two temporary jobs recently and the last job ended in January of 2014. I don’t get why people are so concerned about other peoples lives. Why does it concern you? Why does it bother you so much  that you think you have to voice your concern about what I should do about my life? It really makes me upset because when I graduated college back in 2011 I thought my family member’s would be proud that I finally got a college degree in something I do like. Obviously I wouldn’t have chosen it .. duh.  Later that year one of my aunts said “You should go back to school, you need to go for Hair styling.” Really? So basically you don’t think my degree , which I worked so hard for , also which is what I want in life , don’t mean squat to you? Well guess what my college degree means A LOT to me. I might not become a best selling author, I might not publish a book right away, but God Dammit this is My Dreams, My Life.

My one family member mailed me stuff about college, nursing programs, and all this stuff she wants me to do with my life. Yes, what she wants me to do. I did thank her , but if I wanted to go for nursing wouldn’t you think that I would have gone when I went to college ? It really , really , really makes me mad NONE of them believe in my degree. NONE, of them believe in me and one day when I get a book published of poetry or even stories, I know , that I proved them wrong. This is my calling, this is my dream to become a author and NOBODY can diminish my dream.

I’m so upset that my family thinks they can just voice their opinion on my life, I’m not lazy, I work my ass off taking care of my nephew , by 8:00 pm I’m so tired, I’m exhausted .  It isn’t like I’m doing crack, being a prostitute on the streets, I’m simply helping my sister out with her son for now.

I guess my family just don;t get I want to live my life they way I want it.