Never believed: Skeptical

For quite a long time I was a skeptical about ghosts . I was skeptical about God as well after my brother passed away. I always debunked my experiencenes with spirits as they started coming more frequently in my life when I got older.

When I was about around 17 years old, my best friend Theresa had me watch Ghost Hunters for the first time. Again ,skeptical about ghosts I decided to watch it  to see what they called evidence of spirits.

I was quite amused at what they did find because I  couldn’t explain EVP’s . I was amused how you can be asking questions in a simple recorder and get a reply, that you couldn’t hear with your own ears at that time.

As I watched more of Ghost Hunters they have convinced me at that time there was a afterlife .

One show that had fully made me was when they found a image of a man in the thermal imaging camera. Most people think it is fake ,but I was a active firefighter at that time and there is NO explanation for that.

What a thermal imaging camera is , the camera measures heat, meaning fire. So firefighters use this for inside the  buildings for heat sources they cannot see, like electrical fires ect. 


The only heat source is around the shoulder. Otherwise, you can’t explain the other source, a image of a man.

So yes, this picture made me believe because you cannot explain how this man came to be. Ever since than I have come to accept my last experiencenes with the paranormal, which I guess is good. I really don’t know haha


Signs from my brother-afterlife

As I told most of you I had a older brother who passed away when I was only tweleve. Through all of this despair I had to put up with when my brother passed away, I know he has given me signs through the years.
My brother Matthew, I remember his first real sign. It was only a few weeks after he passed away. I, at the time was listening to my music and my cd player wasn’t working . Some cd’s would work , but no matter how much I cleaned my Cd or cd player for some reason they wouldn’t work. So I decided to go up into my sisters room which is the attic.

The attic used to be my brothers bedroom at one point and time. So when I went upstairs . I put the cd I wanted to listen to into the player . For some reason the cd wouldnt play, mind you my sisters cd player was not as old as mine.  So I tried cleaning the player and tried it again. Still the cd player displayed a error message. My cd’s were not old ,but it had just a few scratches on it.
I couldn’t get why every time I put in a cd in my sisters player it wouldn’t work. I remember I brought four cds upstairs with me. The last cd was Nirvana’s Nevermind . So the cd started right on point.

I tried to put on one of my favorite songs Lithium. It wouldn’t work and the cd went to the number one song Smells Like Teen Spirit.
I was confused and yet amused as to why and how it could just skip to the first song when I was in song number four. I than laughed and thought about my brother.
“Ok Matthew , I get it. I’ll let you listen to this” I played the whole song . The cd went onto the next song.

I suddenly felt I wasn’t alone in my sisters room and I looked over towards the stairs. There I had seen a shadow figure of my brother. His figure had the same curly hair as my brother ,but his figure was more like sitting by the stairs. Than his figure went down stairs.
I honestly didn’t know what to do at that time and I just wondered did I just see that? I quickly turned off the cd player and I ran downstairs.

To this day , eleven years later I find it quite amusing that maybe my brother wanted to bond with me even in the afterlife or just give me a sign he was still there .
He still does this day gives me signs he is here, but because I’am a empath I can tell when he is here. It is very comforting to know he is still here. I love him so much.

A Ghost Dog wanted to play

When I was 18 or 19 years old , I was helping my one best friend dog sit her older sisters two dogs while they were out for the night. Of course we had this big house to ourselves so we decided to spend the night playing The Sims on her laptop. We loved that game because quite honestly it was fun making up our own characters and houses. Anyways, the two dogs, one a begal and the other a English Yellow lab  were the dogs we were watching. 


Her sister said we could stay the night, so we both got the guest room. The two dogs followed us into the room. The English lab laid at the head of the bed and the begal right by my side. As we were doing our sims thing, deciding how we should make our character we both heard a bark downstairs which echoed through this house. It sounded like the dog was in the living room  barking at something outside.  I instantly thought “Oh it is just the begal.” because it sounded like her bark. Than realization came to me. I looked over to my side and the begal is sitting next to me looking out towards the door.

I instatly got cold and just speechless. I looked at my friend. Her mouth was wide open , I could see the shock and fright that went through her like knifes. 

“Did you hear that?” She asked. I immediatly nodded and she got off the bed and instatly locked the  guest door. There was no other way that there would be another dog in the house considering her sister had only two dogs. Also , both of the dogs were with us at the time. We both couldn’t figure it out considering the obvious. We didnt leave the TV on so it wasn’t the TV. It couldnt have been outside  because the bark sounded like it came from downstairs in the living room. No explaination what’s so ever.

We still can’t figure it out till this day how this could have happend.  It still gives me chills when I think about this because it is very unkown. Questions did come about though as to why this Ghost Dog wanted to let us know it’s precense. Maybe because of the other dogs? Maybe it wanted to play? Another questions also is maybe the houses pervious owner and their dog wanted to play?  Who knows? I guess only sprits. 

I don’t know if any other activity is still in the house considering the Ghost Dog because I havent talked about it in a while to my friend, but hopefully I’ll get a update on this one day. 

A calling

I guess I was meant to be called into this world because God didn’t let me die.  I have survived many things that no other person has survived, and I guess it came with this gift.  I never believed in spirits or ghost for the longest time or God for that matter .  After my oldest brother passed away  I guess this is where my gifts started to open up.

I was only tweleve years and I didn’t understand what was going on. That day is still so fresh in my mind and yet I could remember my anxeity and my knowing that this person wouldn’t be here anymore after that day.

I questioned should I stay to prevent such a thing. Who could I talk to and should I explain to everyone that we needed to stay home. I ignored my feelings and later that night my brother was gone. Through all the shock and confusion to what happend ,I laid down low and pushed what I felt into my grife .  I felt angered at myself and at God for giving me this . I would say I wish I never had this, I wish this was gone, so I stopped believeing in God.

My brother would come into my dreams frequently , but I remember my first dream where we both talked. My brother and I were sitting next to eachother. He had his long black curly hair pulled back into a pony tail and sitting there tuning his guitar like he always did.  He looked into my eyes and said”Caitlyn, on earth this is you’re  first life, Heaven is you’re second . Always, remember that .” Than he started playing his guitar again and the dream ended.

Many other dreams came after that when I was older. My brother would give me advice in current situations I was in. Mostly with boys and if he didn’t like them he would deffently tell me. I would start to take his advice because when it came down to it , he was right.  Also I guess he wias still trying to do his big brother duties That’s when I started to believe I had a gift.

Obviously this was recently that I have come to and accepted what I do have. I can sense the spirits . I have a friend that is a medium. I came to her first  and talked about what I have. She came up that iam a Empath.

I had to look up what exactly what a Empath was. I did reasearch on Google and found a websites for mediums, empaths. The empath boards has exactly what I had . The FEELINGS of spirits, their emotional and physical feelings. I could “see” spirits, flashes is what they look like . They sometimes can foucus their feelings into me so I guess I could speak for them.
My sense of smell is heightend. Meaning, I could smell a perfume  or a cigar that maybe that spirit has used in their last life.

So I accepted that God has given me this gift for one reason it another.  I recently told ny mother and she is accepting it . She dies ask me questions which is understandable considering my brother.

Sometimes, I think God gives these type of gifts to people because that is what he wants us to do. He wants to help others grife , or spirits relay messages into loved ones.  I guess iam special that way. I guess maybe it is my calling.