Helping Heal Suicide Survivors

I have wrote a few times about my older brother whom I have lost almost 13 years ago to suicide. I have realized within the years maybe I was meant to go through this to help others or maybe it was a lesson in life I had to learn. Even though my brother had his own share of problems he put onto himself, I think my brother was such a great person. He knew how to make me laugh, make me smile, and from what I remember we used to sing together. My brother was someone who I did look up to in life ,but now I can look up to him in the sky.

One person who I have been messaging on a message board asked me a question: What do you think are some of the positives or learning experiences you have taken from your brother’s death?

I replied:

“Since I was a little girl at that time, I think it did make me look at life a different way. Others that were my age just let life go and flash, in days and weeks. They didn’t appreciate what they have and how lucky their life is compared to others. It made me grow up and most importantly made me a stronger person. I dealt with something most people wouldn’t deal with. I faced something so tragic and turned it into a lesson for myself and now others can learn from. I can help others heal since I’ve been through this and make them see that they can make it too. It is something maybe one day you will reflect on and think “Wow I’ve been through hell and back, but I’m still strong.” 

I hope by you talking to me , I can realize one day you will be healed like me.

It is life and life is beautiful despite what journeys you have to go through”

I think the experience I had myself will hopefully inspire others into healing. The person I help will make me think, I’m helping this person and since I’m helping this person, he will to will be thankful within the years.