Facebook is Gone for now



I meant to post this three months ago. Life got in the way so please enjoy. ūüôā
As my life goes on and on, I realized a very long time ago Facebook is just a distraction. Mainly, everyday I would check every morning to see what my “friends” are up too. Same shit different day and as I scroll down to see more useless stuff , I thought to myself “Why do I even bother?” and put down my iPod. I continue all with my day taking care of my nephew and I then realized I check Facebook many times during the day . Why keep checking it if I hate what everyone post? Not necessarily hate, but see the same thing every day. It seem’s to get boring after a while and it seems people use Facebook as communication. I wrote a blog about that here¬†. So, I decided to delete my Facebook three months ago for a while to focus more on my writing. I posted this status when I deleted my Facebook. /p>




I see my friends point , but of course I have to disagree. If you read my other blog post you would understand. Yes, it is good to keep in touch with people , but to a point. When people rely on Facebook to communicate, interact with friends, instead of maybe picking up the phone and calling them that is where the problem lies. Also , mainly it is a distraction. So deleting it or being off of Facebook for a few months should help me keep focused on my book, my writing. Lately this summer I’ve been busy do unfortunately I haven’t been writing, mainly getting ideas as the summer goes on.
I remember last year I deleted Facebook and between the three months I’ve wasn’t on, I missed a lot between my friends. Well, maybe this will be for the best. I’m just glad it will be out of my life for now and my true friends do keep in contact with me. Can anyone agree?


I feel like I’m getting pulled in to many different directions

I’m sure most of you have felt that way, but recently that is how my life has been. Yes, I watch my nephew , but it has been so hectic when others tell you what you should do with your life. Sometimes I just want to scream at the top of my lungs and say “Fuck all of you.” ¬†,but inside I cannot because I’m the type to not say anything. I recently just got back my babysitting job and I start next week. It is only for a little while , but it is worth it. I love watching the kid that I’m providing care for. He is the most amazing child I have ever taken care of. I mean now people can say I haven’t been unemployed for two years, in reality I have been unemployed for three months. I’m just sick of people telling me what I should do with my life, I mean it shouldn’t concern them

Right now I’m trying to occupy myself with my eBook I’m writing and it is coming along well. I’m still editing and writing more poems as it comes along. So hopefully by this year I will have this eBook published and hopefully others will like and read my poetry. I know it is self publishing , but it is something that I really want to do. It is my baby as of right now and I’m working so hard on my poems . So very hard and it takes so much effort. That’s why people don’t understand how hard it is to be creative. I’m being creative with words, I’m just not published yet. I know one day I will be published and my dream will be completed.

I just need everyone to stop rushing me into things I don’t want to do, I need them to understand I love writing and that is my passion. They think I cannot make anything of it ,but one day I will prove them wrong. I just need them to believe in my ability to be published. Is that so much to ask for?

I think I will make it. I know I will and that is what keeping me going and not give up on my dreams.


So I decided I’m going with a Pen name

It isn’t just because I hate my name. I honestly don’t want my name out there, like it is on Facebook. ¬†I rather have a Pen name to keep my privacy, I mean sure, I’ll share my book with my family members and friends on Facebook, but I want my privacy. My boyfriend said “Well why the pen name? Your name should be out there.” I just feel if I have a Pen name my identity will be safe. I mean I still have a lot of work to do with the book, picking out which poems I want, ¬†writing new poems,figuring out the theme of my poems. I think if I work hard on promoting it, through social media, ads, other websites, and message boards, I think I will build a good audience. I got a quarter of the way done with my promotions .¬†

I already got some people editing , critiquing my poems and I already got the cover done for the book. Yes, the publishing is through amazon ¬†basically self publishing, but it doesn’t mean I’m not a writer. I’am , but I decided to self publish my stuff instead. I like seeing how the book comes to be, I like making my own covers, I like advertising my own stuff, I think it is the most amazing thing to put a book together by yourself . It shows at least commitment, and a hard work effort, even if it is a eBook, don’t you think the other writers didn’t work as hard to write a book?

Sorry for the rant, I usually do that!! haha Anyways, so what is my pen name going to be ? Well I decided what it is already, but I’m not ready to realize it on this blog. It won’t be for a while. I hope most of you will understand . I wish you all a good day!

Writing with a disability

I have written many manuscripts ,but never submitted any of my manuscripts to publishers. You may be asking why wouldn’t you? It is quite simple… well I’m to critical about my writing. I know I am not the best writer in the world. I have problems with English grammar. It is because of my cerebral palsy. If you are wondering what that is , I’ll give you a link below. Cerebral means it has to do with your brain.  The way I could explain my disability is when I try to learn basic ,like for instance basic English, or other subjects, my brain basically “refuses” that information.  You could teach me so many times, the same information and my brain don’t want anything to do with that information. You might think that sounds frustrating.. well it really is frustrating.

It was frustrating in college because none of my classmates knew about my disability and they wouldn’t always say my writing was horrible, well not always ,but sometimes they would. I’m not trying to say just because I have a disability everyone should be sympathetic. I don’t want that , I want people to know how hard I worked to write a certain poem or story. It should show in the work.  Despite my disability, I know I’m a very strong writer (even if I’m critical) because my poetry professor has told me many times that he believes in me. Everyone that I showed my work to,  says I’m  a good writer, so everyone verified that they believing in me. I’m glad I have support because they know I have a disability and despite that disability I still write. For anyone who has a disability, please don’t let it defeat you.

The link on the bottom is about Cerebral Palsy. Just to note , when you have Cerebral Palsy it don’t mean that the person can’t walk. I can walk ,but have some difficulties.
Cerebral Palsy

Also here is a wonderful book by author John W. Quinn. He wrote this book that talked about his life,accomplishments, with mild Cerebral Palsy. Worth reading.
John W. Quinn,

50 Shades of Shit

So obviously once a year there is always a book that catches everyone’s attention and it goes on the New York Times best seller list. I usually check out what books go on there because I’m a book nerd . I remember last year 50 Shades of Gray was the number one book everyone was reading. So I gave it a shot and got the book. Well it was a waste. I couldn’t ¬†get passed ¬†chapter seven, so it was horrible.

I don’t understand books like these (horribly written books) get the top best seller list. Apparently 50 shades of grey was a really good book, it was hot and ¬†steamy, than again I wouldn’t know because I didn’t even get to that point. I thought the main character ¬†was way to cliche. The thing is I couldn’t picture what the character even looked like, she had little description in her character. All I could tell she was a dumb ass bimbo falling for a asshole who had “AMAZING” looks. (Sounds like twilight)

I later found out this was a fan fiction of twilight. Oh, well that explains everything, but this time the main character don’t have a sparkly dick , just a very disturbed bondage problem. So basically Edward with a bondage problem. I have advice for this author.


Come up with your god damn Ideas! None of this is original. 


If you want to write a book take a God Damn Creative Writing course! This would much be appreciated . Considering most of the time when I was reading this I was counting how many cliches were within this book.  The creative writing course will help you.


Get a new editor. Who ever edited this was fricken Horrible!!!! HORRIBLE! I had such a hard time reading this  shit and it seemed like nobody edited this. Work on your description and please stop it with the repeated phrases!!!! 

Listen, I’m not the best writer in the world, I know my writing is horrible and I hear it all the time. Honestly it annoys me ¬†,but one this is this is my blog, I don’t care. ¬†I can’t help the way I write because I do have a learning disability. Basically my brain can’t suck in the information needed for Grammar and English structure, which is quite frustrating.¬†

Anyways, If I knew I wanted to publish my book considering my learning disability , I would hire a editor because I know I’m not good at writing. I would make sure that they edited it to the fullest . Nothing is worse than publishing a book with bad editing or no editing at all. ¬†I would take pride in my writing so of course I would want it edited.

I remember I was chatting with Anne Rice on Facebook a few years back, she had good advice for me considering my writing. 

“My grammar wasn’t the best either, but I still wrote my stories. Never let that put you down.”-Anne Rice

I think about that every time I write , but again if I posted some thing life Fifty Shades , of course I would get bad reviews. If E.L James wanted good reviews she should have went back, re wrote her version of Fifty Shades, contacted a wonderful Editor and than get it published. The book seems like a first draft and that is why nobody liked the book. 

So anyways moral of this blog, don’t read it if you hate shitty books. This was fifty shades of shit …